Walter Hind Essay: The Power Of Poverty

The Power of Poverty I, Walter Hind, a Catholic captive of the English as a result of the Wars of Three Kingdoms, arrived in the colony of Virginia as an Irish servant in 1660. I was ordered to work as an indentured servant for a certain Mrs. Hannah Aston for a period of six years. With the decline of the economic power of Virginia, the favoritism shown towards wealthy landowners and the elite, and the injustice shown towards indentured servants such as me by making us work more years or pay huge fines to the already wealthy, I argue that joining Mr. Nathaniel Bacon in his efforts to rebel against the economy, the colony 's security and the prejudice of race and religion . First of all, the economy faced a lot of situations …show more content…
A lot of people like me who are captives or who voluntarily agreed to be indentured to wealthy landowners found out that they were not going to be receiving any land as compensation (James Rice 5). A vast majority of these people had come to the new world, hoping to find better lives and they did not see any way it was going to happen with the colony court pandering to the wealthy. It makes sense to us to take control of our enemies land and resources and use it for ourselves. They had cultivated the land so it could produce food for us and we could sell the food and make money for ourselves. This means, I will be able to afford the taxes imposed by Governor Berkeley. In conclusion, Mr. Bacon’s plantation which was converted into housing for all the people fighting was a refuge for all servants who had mistreated by their masters. It was a fortress for poor people. Slaves, indentured servants and poor people who saw the benefit of eliminating a potential treat and benefitting for ourselves in the process. It said to the governor that people like us who have a voice and weapons have power, although we are not as rich as the landowners. We overcame the powerful colonists and landowners to pave a way for ourselves despite opposition from the

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