Too Many Kids Are Too Heavy, Too Young By Sam Dolnick

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Is it fact or fiction that many Americans are wealthy and can afford to feed their family and themselves daily? That is fiction according to Feeding America in 2014, fourteen percent of households were food insecure that is 17.4 million households throughout the United States. Many Americans are neglectful towards the amount of poverty that resides in the U.S and tend to turn their cheek when someone mentions it. Unfortunately in America there is a stigma that follows obesity which is that people who are obese have more than enough food when in reality many of them are starving because they are intaking all the wrong foods. There essentially is no divide between poverty and obesity because they are a results of each other. Children are at a …show more content…
Chan School of Public Health says “Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates have tripled in the U.S., and today, the country has some of the highest obesity rates in the world”. This is a growing epidemic in a country that is now based on the faster the better and make it as cheap as possible. Kids are not getting access to the correct foods, and some may not have ever even tried a vegetable in their lives. It is sad to know that this is happening all over America and may become a new “norm”. Sam Dolnick’s essay on “The Obesity-Hunger Paradox” brings up the point about poor people and how they are more likely to be obese because they are working multiple jobs, which causes them to eat on the run and get little to no exercise. This then affects their children because they would be subjected to the same kinds of foods. It is understandable that these families are under a lot of pressure due to the fact that they have to work multiple jobs to support their families, but feeding their children unhealthy foods is not an answer. Yes, fresh products should be less expensive, but the harsh reality is they are not, and families may have to make a sacrifice and spend a little more to bring some fresh products into their homes. Giving their children the choice between an apple and a bag of chips is one step that could help lower the child 's risk for diabetes and obesity. Some children want to eat fresh products, but do not even get the opportunity to so therefore all they can consume is unhealthy processed

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