Relation Between Poverty And Obesity

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To what extent does poverty affect obesity?


Obesity is a person having a higher BMI than normal for your height and age, which can have many health consequences while growing up and during adulthood. The definition of poverty is the condition or state of having little to no money, means of support or goods; condition of being poor. Poverty results in starvation and other problems.

Global Perspective - United States

This is an issue because of the rise in fast food chains which makes more people buy the cheap product, in the world of poverty this is an easy source of food. The United States measures poverty by using poverty thresholds, which contain the minimal annual amount of income that is required to support families
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During 1986 and 2002 obesity was higher every year, adults with the lowest income and lowest education groups were more obese than adults with higher income and higher education. Also, over 6000 adults with a low income had increased BMI (body mass index). Poverty rates are growing, 15.1% of Americans (46 million people) were in poverty in 2010 this has increased 12.5 % since 2002.
The consequences of this are the growing population who are in poverty and then the growing number of people who are becoming obese. This can cause many health factors which are affecting all generations and all states in America. One of the main contributors to States obesity growth is the growth in fast food chains and the lack of healthier foods. In the United States since more people are obese and overweight which could be considered as the normal body mass that has been seen on a regular basis so people aren’t affected by it that much, and don’t want to change.
Many fast food chains find this as a positive aspect because the business is earning more money from the developing amount of obesity and poverty. However, doctors and schools don’t promote this because this is affecting the health and lifespan of everyday people and even more for people in poverty who may not be able to afford
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60,000 of 300,000 primary school students are considered to be obese. In April 2014 ‘The Behavioural Risk Factor Survey’ by the ‘Centre of Health Protection’ in Hong Kong released that 39% of men and women aged 18-64 were classified as overweight and 20.8% are obese. Men were more obese / overweight with 49.6% whilst women were only 29.5% overweight / obese. The ages 45-54 had the highest rates with 50.5% overweight / obese.

Living in HK there are fast food store all over the Island and even on the smaller islands. In HK there are around 235 Mcdonald's, this is not including all the other fast food branches. Causes of obesity in Hong Kong are the rise in fast food chains and rise in lifestyle inactivity. These both increase weight gain and obesity. In HK many students are faced with pressures of exams which can lead to studying more which lessens the amount of exercise and healthy foods the students are eating. Students under all of this stress can start emotional stress eating which can increase in weight

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