Climate Change Argument Essay

With the ice caps melting, and the planet’s ozone layer depleting, mankind could be driving the Earth to extinction. The study of the earth and how it works allows scientists to develop new ways to try to save the Earth. While many debate the existence of climate change, it is a very real thing causing harm to our planet. The use of fossil fuels, and the development of new alternative energy sources could be the solution.
Climate Change
One of the biggest factors changing our earth is global warming. Two major factors causing the change include human change and natural climate. Human climate change is anything that is the result of human activity. This can include effects of harmful emissions released from our vehicles, oil spills into the
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However, some politicians, government officials, and scientists have argued against this theory. Some argue that there is no consensus, however 97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming. (Cook, 2016) They have gone on to say that global warming is not a real thing and that it is just a way for governments to influence people to agree with policies so that they can have an excuse for raising taxes. Other scientists who oppose this theory have said that global warming is natural and has happened since the Ice Age. They claim scientists use improper statistical methods, short-term temperature trends, or faulty computer models to make analytical projections about the significance of man-made influences to Earth 's climate. Without a doubt, the Earth’s climate is influenced by natural causes, but however I do believe that human activities we partake in, such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels, have made global warming a growing, concerning …show more content…
When the planet has over heated thanks to its inhabitants, what will they do? The Earth is a planet that is ever evolving, yet some of its inhabitants are not. With the study of global warming and climate change, fossil fuels, and the study and use of viable alternate energy sources, mankind has the power to prolong the life of its planet and the human species as a whole. Despite the debate over global warming’s reality between scientists and conservatives, many of Earth’s ice caps are melting and creating problems for humans. Humans are only making their problems worse with their overuse of fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources, that take so long to produce yet so little time to use. With fossil fuels being the source for most of mankind’s emissions that are depleting the planet’s ozone layer, scientists are finding many new viable alternate energy sources as a backup. Sources like solar and wind power are commonly used, and could become a permanent source of energy if given the opportunity to become

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