Dropping Out Of High School

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Dropping Out Of High School
Being in high school can be very hard on a teenager because so many things can effect a student’s performance. In high school there are cliques, peer pressure, good and bad teachers, a lot of work, interesting people, and there are high expectations that can sometimes stress students out. In high school there are pressures to want to fit in and be popular. The common idea among students is that doing work is not cool and that being in school is an absolute waste of time. As a result of this idea students obtain the wrong mindset and start to lose focus and this influences students to drop out and give up on school all because they are trying to fit in and have friends or because the student just feels school not a place for them. However what students don’t realize is that in order to make it in society they must at least have a high school diploma so they can have the basic knowledge it takes to be able
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There are numerous causes that can lead a student to dropping out of school and make the damaging effect on their academic career, some of the top causes include alienation,

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