Cyberbullying Among Teens

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The world-wide web is an extraordinary technological system where people from all over the world are able to connect and interact within one another. Cyberbullying has emerged as a major problem as advancement furthers to be reached. Blocked behind a screen people have found ways to use words in text to bully another. Adolescents have become the most prime suspects to cyberbullying and those to committing the act. Not so many people are aware that cyberbullying is the most dangerous epidemic amongst teens in the world and continues to be a common problem for schools and families everywhere. The traditional bullying incident is no longer how it was before. No longer are teens using face-to-face interactions to intimidate, manipulate, or humiliate one another. That traditional bullying is evolving to a greater issue and a more difficult problem to resolve.
The cyberbullying epidemic continues to peek in points unimaginable over the years due to the more kids being connected online where the increase of encounters with these bullies are occurring. “At least 52 percent of teens have been bullied online” according to the iSafe Foundation (2014) . Where now it seems like teens can not avoid being bullied online in posts, comments, texts etc. The internet being unsafe for teens to surf and interact knowing that someone with the mindset
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Kacie Palm was a victim to cyberbullying where teenagers from her school tormented and insulted her in a social media site which led to her committing suicide. The Molak,Sellers, and Cleland family are just a few others who become victims to cyber bullying where members and their family were driven to the point of suicide to escape the harsh reality of dark clouds cyberbullying. All could have been prevented if someone spoke against the bully and people were more aware of the great dangers of it

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