The Causes And Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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For most kids, childhood consists of feeling carefree and having fun. For others, it can be a time of torture and sadness. Childhood sexual abuse victims experience emotional and physical damage that can last throughout their lives. Childhood sexual abuse has an impact on an enormous number of people worldwide, regardless of gender, and the trauma and agony can continue on into adulthood.
Childhood sexual abuse might be defined as a child forced to take part in any sexual act with an adult. Another definition could be one person having control over another and exploiting them by using sexual activity or suggesting it. (Hall 1) Sexual abuse does not only include direct touch but can consist of different forms. Being forced to take pornographic
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Most people think this abuse does not happen often, but it does. People may think sexual abuse does not happen often, because the abusers of the victims force them not to open up about it. Approximately more than half of the total sexual assaults do not get reported to police (Floric 8). A research conducted in the 1970s and 1980s showed around 15-45 percent of females experienced childhood sexual abuse (Duncan 9). More recently, the American Psychological Association did a research in 2010 and found that 35.9 percent of childhood sexual abuse victims age twelve and older (Floric 7). While the number of sexually abused male children continues to grow, most reported victims remain female children. Research from the 1990’s shows female children to be three times more likely to be sexually abused than male children. (Duncan 13) Around 12-18 percent of males and 28-33 percent of females experienced childhood or adolescent sexual abuse (Hall 1). Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that one out of four females get sexually abused before they reach the age of eighteen. To date, approximately sixty million sexual abuse survivors live in the United States. (Floric …show more content…
The impact from childhood sexual abuse may include disorientation, dreadful dreams, flashbacks, and problems with having emotions (Hall 3).Thinking back to the event could lead to extreme emotional reactions, graphic pictures, and remembering physical sensations from the abuse. Current tension that happens to women could bring back the horrific memories. (Duncan 9) Natosha Beckman from Crisis Connection says, “The smell, a specific scene, and hearing someone else 's story are all possible ways that could trigger a memory of what happened to the individual, resulting in a PTSD episodes.” Different occurrences can cause PTSD, but in females rape and sexual harassment normally cause it. (Duncan 193) Research compared an adult’s post-traumatic stress from childhood sexual abuse to a veteran who served in Vietnam. The research showed veterans suffering mentally from war had proportionate characteristics with survivors of sexual abuse. (Hall

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