The Cause Death Of Multiple People And The Distracted Driver Essay

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In an instant, it could happen. A five second glance could cause the death of multiple people and the distracted driver would be held culpable. In 2013, a teenage boy from Anchorage, Alaska stole his parent’s Chevy Tahoe and was cruising down the road late at night. He was sending several texts and making a few phone calls along the way. At 2:36 am, he pressed the send button on his phone to send a text. The next minute, a Jeep appeared right in front of him and it was too late to stop. Now, 16-year-old Murphy Gross has to wake up each day knowing that a mother is no longer there for her two small children (Hopkins). Although this accident only affects this town in a remote part of Alaska, collisions like these could happen anywhere. Many people do not have the intent to drive unsafely, but the increasing participation in texting or talking while driving is jeopardizing the driving experience. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), crashes involving distracted drivers take the life of nine people and wound more than 1,100 other people in the U.S every day. Other studies have shown that the citizens of the United States are far more likely to talk or text and drive than European drivers (Distracted Driving). Although most states have forbidden some form of hand-held cell phone usage, there is still a few that find this prohibition unnecessary. That is why the State Legislators of all 50 states should collectively agree to ban all texting and…

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