The Cause Death Of Communications Essay

1113 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
humans, no need to worry about predators or any driving force that could cause death. Communications would not be created as faster as there are no threats or strong need to communicate. Weapons would have no purpose as war and crimes would be unnecessary as one cannot take the life of another if there is no way to take a life. The Younger generation would suffer the most. The younger generations will have to fight an uphill battle because the older generations have the upper hand of knowledge. Knowledge would be key and the elder would control all the power. When humans have matured, the population with the highest education will remain in power. There is no limit to how long the older generation will rule, until they fell they must retire and give the position to another. With such a growing population there will be a shortage of usable goods. Water and natural resources will be strained, and waste production would contaminate the earth. Change would be the most affected because since there is no death occurring change would be nearly impossible in a society and culture. Without death to end the older generations power the newer generations would never climb the ranks and get to share their perspective on the choices of society. Only a few would rule and the weak would not be able to have justice. Death was meant to change, is we do not die there is no need to explore. Knowing the unknown is human nature. The unknown is only needed to be known to know if it is a potential…

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