Causes Of Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina is known as one of the most deadliest hurricanes in the United States.

It initially started 200 miles southeast of the Bahamas at speeds of 40MPH. It was classified as a

tropical storm. By the time it reached south Florida 2 people were killed and it was reclassified

as a category 1 hurricane. It was beneath an anticyclone hovering over the Gulf of Mexico. Over

water it gained momentum and was classified as category 5 at 175mph It became category 3 at

120mph as it hit Louisiana. It smashed into levees and caused major flooding. 80% of New

Orleans was flooded. Hurricane Katrina started as a problem in the tropics. It eventually moved

to the Bahamas due to its environmental factors , warm sea surface temperatures
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Between July 2005 and June 2006, 236,970 people left Louisiana due to Hurricane

Katrina. The state has recovered about 100,000 people since then, every year since Katrina, the

state has gained more residents than it has lost. with the exception of 2009, each year the

increase has been smaller than the year before. The most recent data, f showed that 4,203 more

people moved into the state than out of it. At that rate, it will take Louisiana about 33 years to

recover from that loss. Many of the first people to return after Katrina were able to do so because

they still had jobs,Even if some people had their homes they were still out of a job. The lack of

jobs is the main reason why New Orleans and the surrounding areas have not fully recovered yet.

The progress is slow. Katrina damaged more than a million housing units in the Gulf Coast

region. About half of them were in Louisiana. Of the $120.5 billion in federal spending, the

majority went to emergency relief, not rebuilding. Insurance claims covered less than $30 billion

of the losses.

The current socioeconomic demographics has changed somewhat than before.
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As of July 2012, seven years later, no one lives in a (FEMA) trailer

anymore. Which is provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A year after

Katrina, more than 70,000 families lived in them.(Anderson)

The media played a vital role in Hurricane Katrina. Reporters located groups of stranded

people though satellite and authorities would organize rescues based on these reports. Many


journalists also contributed to the spread of false rumors of among victims, Many news

organizations reported false accounts that murder and rape were occurring, and were repeated as

facts without having confirmation and facts that it was true. (Homeland Security) The media,

also played a role in helping families locate missing loved ones. Many family members, were

able to reconnect with family members by seeing an online photo or television clip. There was

also a rise in internet blogging. They were a global focal point for news and local media, and

became an important vital connection for rescue operations and reuniting scattered citizens with

their family. International media played a vital role for countries that were aiding in relief efforts

and offering supplies, people, and

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