The Cause And Effects Of Bullying In The Media

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Today many kids face the hardships of being bullied by their fellow peers; whether its physical or emotional bullying the effects that it has on the person is greater than anyone probably imagined. With the research that I found on the cause and effects of bullying in the media I was able to find out whom bullying effects the most, the two types of media bullying, and the long-term impact that bullying causes to the victim. Bullying is no longer just saying mean words to people; now a days kids take what they see on TV and tie that into their actual life which leads to a greater impact on the victim. Bullying affects between 8% and 50% of children around the world (Zimmerman 2). More and more kids are becoming victims of bullying …show more content…
Social psychologist Sarah Cayne, who has studied the effects of reality TV shows, has found that they are loaded with instances of situational aggression that can alter a teen’s behavior (bullying & media 1). “Reality” shows, featuring adults arguing, shouting and flinging insults and threats at each other are nothing more than social bullying (reality TV sets bad example 1). Take a show like Survivor, whose last-man-standing elimination game format has been copied by countless other television programs (Bullying and media 1). The entire point of the contest is to form social alliances and manipulate other players just enough to keep their loyalty so you’re not voted, off while at the same time plotting against them so you can win the game (bullying and media 1). In the process all forms of back stabbing disingenuous behavior, lying and cheating yourself through the exploitation of others is not just permitted, but explicitly encouraged (bullying and media 1). Survivor may not seem as though it explicitly encourages bullying. Yet it does in so many and subtle but powerful ways (bullying and media 1). These shows send the subtle but clear message to our kids that deceit, gossip and verbal/physical aggression are perfectly acceptable ways to manipulate your social world towards your own social gain (bullying and media 1). Now popular media gets blamed for a lot these days, and it certainly owns a significant amount of culpability for the bullying epidemic in our society (bullying and media 1). But not all the blame falls on the media. There’s a problem in letting yourself be entertained by shows that revel in narcissism, conflict and aggression (bullying in the media 1). You can break down reality TV roughly into two major subgenres (Poniewozik 3). The first-the big

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