Is Social Media Good Or Bad

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Is Social Media Bad? Social media and it’s uses social media has changed our lives, but has it changed our lives in a good way? Social media is used every day, 3/4 of Facebook users use it daily and half of Instagram users use it daily. Overall, more than 2 billion people are social media users.

social media is used to share opinions, post pictures of your life, contact friends from all over the world, collaborate and share ideas with colleagues, to hear about news and being informed of what’s going on in the world, inspiration/tips and also purely for entertainment.
In addition, Social media can be used as a learning platform. There are online schools, online diaries, different websites/games for the purpose to learn, and also coding.
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This technique is called the 8 point checker: it is a process of 8 questions you have to check to make sure you are using the right websites. The questions you have to ask are - 1.) Is it clear who has written tithe site clear?e information? 2.) Are the aims of the site clear?
However, over the years, the overuse of social media is being questioned, And if people should start making friends in real life instead of offline. There are many consequences for overusing your devices for too long, some which may include: Bad eyesight, Hunched back, Unable to sleep and also not exercising. All of these things are important on a day to day basis. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t work or have as much energy, the quality of your work will decrease. If you don’t exercise it may cause extreme cases of obesity and health problems.
Not only does overuse cause physical problems, it can also cause a lot of mental problems. Social media contains photos with photoshop, filters and more. People post what’s best in they’re life and what cool and great things they’ve done. This leads to many people comparing themselves and having Body Dysmorphia. It’s been proved by “The International Journal of Eating Disorders” that as the increase use of Facebook rises, so does the rise of eating
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Many kids are threatened and told not to tell anybody about their identity. In some cases the stalkers can do a lot of damage such as child abuse, and assaults. Because of threats, children are normally too afraid to say it out loud. Often, the stalker can pretend to be your friend, have the same age, preferences and gender, they create a new separate persona so that you can become friends, meet up and then… consequences for leaving personal information.
Furthermore, social media is an opportunity for cyber-bullying. 70% of students say that they see cyber-bullying and 80% of students say that it’s easier to get away with it than normal bullying in reality. This shows that cyber-bullying is something that frequently happens: whether it’s a small remark or a hate spam, it can really affect peoples mind set and self esteem. Also, because it is so common, people ignore it. It has been proven that 90% of teens have seen cyber bullying and ignored

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