The Cause And Effect Of Ineffective Border Control And Dealing With Terrorists

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The Cause and Effect of Ineffective Border Control and Dealing with Terrorists President Obama and his administrations stance on immigration laws and lack of United States (U.S) border control security have been under intense scrutiny since receiving direct threats issued to the U.S from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The Departments of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have been placed on high alert since confirming, through sources, that ISIS is operating in Juarez, Mexico. Border control and dealing with terrorist regimes like ISIS are a threat to the U.S National security and simply too important to address immediately and effectively. Not securing U.S borders will severely affect our Nations security, causing the number of unknown terrorists in the U.S to rise, that will possibly lead to more terrorist attacks on American soil, which could possibly result in an economic collapse and by examining the effects from the cause of unsecured borders, this paper will hopefully make readers realize the seriousness of this given situation and become more politically involved.
The border crisis and recent flooding of an estimated 60,000 Mexicans into and through the U.S borders provided the perfect opportunity for ISIS to slip into the U.S undetected. While the border control agents were busy processing and trying to figure out how to deal with separated minors and the overwhelming numbers of other illegal immigrants, ISIS was likely taking advantage…

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