Essay The Catholic Church And The Church

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The Catholic Church is one of the oldest religious institutions in the world. The church is headed by a bishops who are also called successors, but the pope is the leader of the church. During Mass services, Catholics participate in the liturgical life that uses signs and symbols that come from the creations of the world and sacraments which are signs of grace. The sacraments are baptism, confirmation, marriage, Eucharistic, and holy orders ( I was able to witness a few of these sacraments during the service I attended which was very interesting to see. Catholic Churches share a lot of the same beliefs that I believe in especially when it comes to the teachings of Jesus Christ, they just teach it in a different way than what I am used too.

The Saint Paul Roman Catholic Church was built in 1865 at the location it is now. Years before that settlers arrived in 1793 and they would offer Mass in private homes until 1801. The week that that I attended Mass, they were beginning three years of Jubilee in remembrance of the church being built and dedicated. Jubilee is a special time for celebration and forgiveness of sins. For the next three years they will be celebrating their 150th Jubilee ( Before I went to visit the Saint Paul Roman Catholic Church, I have always thought they believed in something different than what I do. I was completely wrong about that because they do believe in the same thing I do, they just teach it in their own…

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