The Casino Industry And Opportunities For Growth Within The Next Five Years

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Introduction Within any industry the external factors and comprising research on those factors are key components of a marketing manager. Those external factors contribute to the statistical data analysis which provide relevant evidence which will impact their organization. According to Finch (2012) marketing research is comprising, collecting and analyzing systematic data centered on a distinct market, definite to a distinct customer group in a particular geographic area. Macro-environmental forces are uncontrollable variables addressed within the PESTEL analysis (Finch, 2012). An industry that has produced a great amount of capital and started up in a unique way is the Casino industry. Using the external factors made-up of the PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal) analysis, this paper will analyze the pros and cons of the casino industry and opportunities for growth within the next five years.
Politics Involved Political factors are external variables that reflect how the government impacts the gambling industry within any country. Politics played a huge role in legalizing gambling, as it started out with criminal agents, which turned gambling into a legitimate business venture. For an extensive amount of time gambling was legal only in the state of Nevada, and has become legal in forty-eight states (Geis, 2016). Within gambling politics involved are more so centered on “morality politics” upholding basic core values, moral…

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