Essay on The Case Of Casey A 24 Year Old, Caucasian Woman

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A MSW by the name of Jade Lattin will take on the case surrounding a client by the name of Casey. Ms. Lattin works for Support from Within Agency and is assisting Casey with depression and anxiety treatment. In order to examine occurring factors in which Casey’s depression and anxiety may cause the assessment tool that I will use is the biopsychosocialsprititual assessment tool. Using this assessment with Casey will allow me to further understand and link commonalities in her life to other factors she may possibly be dealing with. The biopsychosocialspitirual intertwines the following: biological, psychological, social, and the spiritual aspects of an individual’s life. Casey and I have acknowledged confidentiality, and also built rapport amongst each other. Casey is happy to finally receive help for her depression and anxiety, and as a social worker I am more than happy to assist her.
Identifying Information
The case study I will introduce is the case of Casey a 24-year-old, Caucasian woman. Casey recently graduated college, and is now working full-time as an accountant. Casey has “came out” to her family and co-workers as being a lesbian. She has a girlfriend, whom she met at college and has been dating for approximately 3 years. Casey, and her girlfriend Leslie recently moved into an apartment together after they graduated from college. The couple has moved to Shreveport, Louisiana to hopefully start their future together.
Casey is seeking help due to her rise…

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