The Case Of Battered Woman Syndrome Essay

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Battered Woman Syndrome is a term that is used when a woman, after long periods of abuse, whether physical, sexual, mental and/or emotional, kills her spouse without the act of self-defense because at the time of the homicide they were not attacking her. This was first used as a defense in the 1970’s and now it is connected with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Jury nullification is the occurrence when a jury declares that a defendant is guilty in regards to the law, but they, the jury, are ignoring that because the feel that the law is wrong in this instance and/or in general. This law has been practice as a way for the American people to push back against law they find unpopular or morally wrong. An example of this is how in the 1800’s northern juries would nullify cases that would be regarding return escaped slaves back to their masters. Jury nullification often has a huge impact on battered woman syndrome cases, because it is often attributed as being the reasons some battered woman syndrome defendant are acquitted. This may due to fact that people may find it morally right to acquitted this person after the trauma they have been through. Additionally, a jury may feel compelled to nullify due to they may consider it justified and what they would have done in this scenario. There are multiple theories about battered woman syndrome may occur in these domestic violence cases, though these theories are not solely about this syndrome. Firstly, there is is the…

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