The Case Of Assisted Suicide Essay

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In this project I am going to be talking about the case of assisted suicide. I have done plenty of research from scholarly and trust worthy websites, articles, books, (etc.) A patient who is suffering from an incurable disease, should have the right to end his or her suffering.
A point to make is that it’s unfair to let a fellow man suffer from something that you could get read of at any time. “The U.S Supreme Court ruled that physicians-assisted-suicide is not a protected liberty interest under the constitution.” This quote explains that that it’s not taken under the government as a protection scenario. “The American Medical Association suggest that passive euthanasia is accepted but not without controversy.” (CNN reporter?)An individual has the right to: not receive medical attention/medical treatment, turning off respirators, stopping food or water or no resuscitation. This basically means that they have the right to die but not be brought back to life this could be another source of death but it would be not when you want it but when it comes. Though some people have the right heart and want to help but cannot arouse as well. ”Doctors and Nurses speak carefully on the topic of assisted suicide, because they want to help people but retain their jobs as well.” Because they wasn’t to be careful and not let something slip out that can be used against them in the future for example as the Miranda rights state “What you say can be held against you. Which is…

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