Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

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Euthanasia - an act of intentionally ending a terminally ill person 's life, given that it is agreed upon as more “humane” than letting him suffer.
Active Euthanasia - euthanasia performed by exposing the patient to drugs, gas or other substances that would lead to a lethal outcome.
Passive Euthanasia - euthanasia in which the physicians responsible for the patient intentionally refrain from action and cut off any forms of life support.

Intro: The history of euthanasia begins in the ancient greece, back when it was completely socially acceptable. Only in the 12th century it was brought up and highly opposed by most religious groups, and is still under debate today, which is why it is so important to the development of our society - it
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The concept of “easy death” was originally opposed by most religion, especially Christianity, because it goes against the bible. The religious aspect is not very promising, because practically every religion (except Buddhism) opposes euthanasia at this point. However, it is not the aspect of life and death that is against religion, but that only god can decide how, when and where one must die. Euthanasia shows how dependant our society is on religious beliefs, which stands out considering the topic under discussion is a matter of life and death. The study clearly illustrates how what one person might consider “humane”, the other would consider homicide because it does not correspond with the …show more content…
One could easily argue that both passive and active euthanasia come to a lethal outcome based on the decision of the physician and is therefore homicide. Others might argue that days of excruciating pain are not worth living for, so it would be fair to help the patient go painlessly. However abuse of euthanasia is a very concerning matter, because the decision is often made by the patient 's family, who would then be able to “dispose” of their family member. Another interesting aspect, is basic human rights. Several lawyers from the United Kingdom argue that one has the right to commit suicide, so it would be fair to give them a chance to do so cleanly and effectively. And yet, “even if patient has rights to decide does he want to continue to live or not, it does not at the same time enlarge others rights to commit homicide based on victims interests” (Dworkin, Frey, Bok, 1998). Therefore the study shows that society has “decided” that even though one clearly has the human right to life, there will be no facility to choose death instead of

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