The Case Of An Emergency Essay

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When Libby and Dean were children and Gracie was an infant, we lived in a cabin on the farm. Our current home had not been built yet and our farm was much smaller than it is today. With money always being tight, Susan and I would often hunt to put meat on the table. But, with two very young children, I would often go into the Eastern Wilderness and hunt alone. If people know where you are going and if they know when you are to come back, hunting alone is not necessarily a terrible idea. Hunting with others, though, is usually far safer.
But we had no choice. Elk season was in full swing and our grocery bills were hard to pay. We needed meat and the meat of an elk rivals good beef in flavor and texture. I left our cabin and headed out into the east towards elk country. Elk were pretty common but we had made a decision not to ever hunt within a few miles of our property. In case of an emergency, I wanted elk, deer and other tasty wildlife to feel comfortable and safe around the farm.
I left late in the morning because I wanted to camp and be in a position to hunt the next morning. If unsuccessful, I would spend another night out and hunt the following morning and then start home. The day started out beautifully. I rode my two-year-old horse, Hershel and I pulled an old pack mule named Humphrey. Humphrey wasn’t fast but he was smart and strong. Typical of Montana, the sky was a vivid blue and the air was crisp. A light breeze was in my face and all was good.
That day we made…

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