The Case Analysis : Haier And The Industry Essay

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The case analysis will characterize Haier and the industry they serve through global operations and strategic ventures. The analysis will include Haier’s timing of entry, location selection, and modes of entry, while leveraging the company’s differences between home and foreign countries. A further examination of Haier’s successful international expansion and balance of staying competitive in the home country.
Haier has become successful as a Chinese company by acquiring inept local business rivals. CEO Zhang Ruimin would acquire these strong market products will inferior leadership, that he could turn around and become prosperous (The Economist, 2013). The company’s competitive advantage for offering their machines to be delivered within 24-hours or the machine is free. Haier has cut out middle management, and employees take direction from their customers. This allows for greater communication between parties and a better customer service for meeting consumers specific product needs. The industry segment includes companies like: Haier Electronics Group, Whirlpool, Siemens Group, Electrolux, and LG Electronics. The home appliances segment includes two major divisions: major and small domestic appliances that are used within households (Statista, N.d.). A multi-billion dollar industry, the forecasted consumption is nearly $600 billion by 2020 with 700 million shipments of units by 2017 (Statista, N.d.).
Modes of entry Haier would be considered a late…

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