The Career Of Medicine : Shadowing, The Excitement Of Science, And The Influence Of My Mother

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There are three main influences that have led me to a career in medicine: shadowing, the excitement of science, and the influence of my mother.
The first influence came when I was in high school. I was fortunate to participate in the Gold Seal Program of Choice in the field of Medicine. In the program I shadowed nurses, biomedical engineers, ophthalmologists and surgeons. What most caught my attention was being in a surgery setting. I remember standing at the head of the operating table where the anesthesiologists were monitoring the anesthesia, and looking over the barrier to watch the cardiovascular surgeon perform an open heart surgery. He was repairing a tear in the aorta and I remember seeing the careful movements and pure concentration in his eyes. It made me think of how incredible surgeons are. I left the operating room that day with the unexplainable feeling of knowing that what I had just witnessed was a life or death situation and through the skill and passion of the surgeon the patient would live to see another day. One day I want to be the healthcare professional that is able to give a person a chance at a better quality of life.
I realized that medicine has come a long way from unsterile surgeries and crude instruments to vacuum sealed and pressurized rooms that will allow a surgeon to stop someone’s heart and still keep them alive through a heart lung machine. It amazes me and through that amazement I begin to wonder what someone like me could do to…

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