The Career Field Of Psychology Essay

1172 Words Mar 29th, 2016 null Page
The career field of psychology is growing year after year due to the rise in trauma inducing cases in the past century or so. More than just this, there is also a greater understanding about mental illness as a whole, due to this finding, more people are now able to come forth because they know there is an abnormality in their mind, they know it is not “normal”. Considering the rise of people who come out asking for help, there is a significant problem in this field. There are many different aspects and theories of psychology that focus on a certain characteristic of the onset of these illnesses. The problem that comes with this is that if the focus is set on a certain aspect or outlook of the mental illness, there is also a larger part that is forgotten, because there is not enough research being put into an effort for treatment. Clinicians tend to explain and treat specific symptoms or disorders based on their preferred model, and the research scientists involved in the field of psychology use these different models to disperse their findings into categories. These specific broken apart models make place for an extremely difficult communication issue, in fact, there is no communication between models at all. How can the field of psychology as a whole be held accountable for treating the rise in mental illness and trauma in the society around us, if they are all separate because of their beliefs? Swales states that a discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common…

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