Essay on The Care And Healthcare Administration

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Advocacy has been long-established as a necessary obligation for each healthcare institution and professional to implement in daily practice in order to be successful. In recent years, the topic has gained much attention, with many claiming it as a professional imperative for each facility. As one author notes, “if we are to adopt a practice grounded in inclusiveness that promotes universal access and equity as a mode of thinking, a therapeutic tool, and an ethical responsibility, then advocacy must be a professional imperative” (Kirsh, 2015, p. 216), alluding the profound role of advocacy in both clinical care and healthcare administration. However, the term is ambiguous to all applications it serves for: law, politics, social work, day-to-day life and healthcare. The equivocal nature of advocacy, specifically in healthcare, has encouraged many to ponder over its true value in the industry and has left a majority tongue-tied in their responses. Although it’s clear the impact of advocacy has been sweeping through every aspect of medicine for the benefit of the people, the true relevance and importance of advocacy in healthcare is still unclear. Advocacy contributes to health care either in the form of case (ordinarily referred to as patient) or policy advocacy. Thus, the true value of healthcare advocacy is expressed through these two variants of advocacy. Case advocacy is defined as an intervention to “give voice to, represent and support the rights, autonomy, dignity and…

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