The Cardiovascular System Of The Circulatory System Essay

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the cardiovascular system also called the circulatory system is the transportation system of the body a major structures that make this possible are the heart blood vessels and blood simply put the heart pumps the blood in order to move nutrients through the blood vessels to nourish and remove the metabolic wastes from the body the purpose of this video is to present a basic understanding of the cardiovascular system a more in-depth study of the system will be presented and other CT videos where we will look into each specific part and function of this system the heart has two major circuits within the circulatory pathway which work together in a closed circulatory system these two pathways are the pulmonary pathway and the systemic pathway and the human organism the right side of the heart pushes the blood through the pulmonary circuit so that it can be oxygenated in the lungs the last time the heart pumps oxygenated blood to the entire body the blood is then returned to the heart of the systemic pathway where the cycle begins again through the pulmonary pathway it can be said that the heart is actually two pumps divided by a septum or wall as mentioned in the muscular system video the heart is an involuntary muscle that works somewhat independently from the nervous system this will be explained in more detail later but for now let 's take a look at what makes up the heart to heart is a muscular organ with four hallowed chambers it consists of two atria which are the upper…

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