Heart Attack Research Paper

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what parts of the heart is most vital?
All parts of the heart are vital. why do people get heart attacks?
People who get that get heart attacks generally have coronary heart disease.
What happens during a heart attack?
During a heart attack, a blood clot blocks the flow of the blood through a coronary artery which can damage the heart muscle.
How does the heart change over time?
Some people develop arteriosclerosis as they get older, which is the stiffening of the arteries.
What can we do to lower the risks of a heart attack?
To lower the risks of having a heart attack you can: not smoke, exercise, keep alcohol intake down, lose weight, less stress, good quality sleep.
Do heart attacks run in a family?
Heart attacks do run in the family.
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Heart attacks are caused by the loss of blood supply or the blockage of the blood flow in the coronary artery.
What diseases can increase the chances of you having a heart attack?
Diseases that can increase the chances of a heart attack occurring are hearts diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
Does age affect the heart attack rates?
Age does affect the heart attack rates,
What are the major areas of the heart that a heart attack can occur?
The major areas of the hearts are all of the areas of the heart.
What are the areas of the circ system and the heart?
Aorta, Pulmonary, artery superior, vena cava, left and right atrium, right and left ventricle are the areas of the circ system and heart.
What is the common age for a heart attack?
The common age for a heart attack for men is 45+ and women who are 55+.
What are the stages of a heart attack?
The stages of a heart attack are a diagnosis, treatments, medication, and self-care suggestions.
How can we prevent a heart attack?
You can take medication, exercise, lower stress and eat healthy to prevent having a heart attack.
Can we take any preventative medication?
Yes, you can take preventative medication.
Can a healthy person get a heart

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