The Car And Driver Magazine Essay

876 Words Oct 13th, 2016 4 Pages
David MacNeil, founder and CEO of MacNeil Automotive Products Limited, is found promoting WeatherTech floor liners in Cars and Driver magazine. The ethos approach on this product being designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States of America could sell this product alone, but his advertisement has several other ways to appeal to its target audience. The advertisement in the October 59th edition of the Car and Driver magazine is designed to appeal to those who want to protect the interior of their car by keeping fluids and debris in the liner and off the carpet, using ethos as the main persuasion for this target audience. This advertisement consists of six pages and is photographed in several different settings. The first two pages are photographed in the manufacturing plant with the CEO, David MacNeil, he is standing in the middle of the photo wearing a business casual suit, showing a clean floor like the consumer’s vehicle will be when they use WeatherTech liners. The second two pages show a photograph of a Toyota floor liner in the center, bullets direct the consumer’s eye to how the floor liner is durable, fits in the consumer’s vehicle, the functional side of them and the safety reason for buying them. Finally, the last two pages of this advertisement is a photograph of two different versatile liners, one being a floor mat for a Mercedes and the other a cargo mat for an SUV. It also reflects different options; such as ribbed designed mats the…

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