The Car Accident Rough Draft Essay

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The Car Accident rough draft
Saturday morning, I awoke very excited. the night before I learned that the family and I will be going to Lagoon this would the first time I was tall enough to get on all the rides. I was up and ready before anyone else my excitement reminded me of Christmas day I could not sleep nor could I wait any longer. I was driving my parent’s crazy with questions and would not stop asking when we would be leaving, my mom, frustrated and annoyed asked me to go play outside. I decided to listen to her and find something to help pass the time. I got bike for my birthday but unfortunately my birthday falls in the winter and I had not really had the chance to ride it much so I decided take it for a spin around my neighborhood little did I know this bike ride would have one of the most emotional and life changing impacts I would ever experience.
This is a day I will never forget it was a beautiful sunny day the weather was perfect not too hot just the perfect weather to spend the day outdoors. I lived on a busy street that had a speed limit of 35 miles an hour my mom always had me be extra careful when playing outside due to the traffic. to ride my bike, I would have to cross the street to get to the other block that had a park I could ride my back at. Getting more comfortable and a little arrogant I would not pay attention to traffic I was young and naive and assumed that traffic would stop and wait for me like it has when I’ve tried to cross the road a…

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