The Capital Problem The Development Has Not Reached The Pinnacles Of Development

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The capital problem the development has not reached the pinnacles of development to guarantee information security. The services as well have not been of essential use in that there is inefficiency in the software developed that link up the data for data entry as well as access to the cloud. In the medical field, a second of blindness in the information database could be disastrous and cloud cost lives and resources invested in the wellness of users of hospital premises (Griebel et. al., 2015). The providers of they services as well require that the hospital aligns its use with the Terms and Conditions of services provided. One of the itchiest requirements is the fact that the hospitals need that the clinical setup complies with some basic information relieving of the concerned parties. Such a requirement is a direct conflict with the principles of which the industry is built upon. The IT firms as well insist that there be exposure of essential data as a security precaution to prevent criminal activities (AbuKhousa, Mohamed, & Al-Jaroodi, 2012). The CIA Triad has been the most conspicuous character in emphasizing these requirements in their campaign to limit security blind spots (Calabrese &Cannatoaro, 2015). In these two conflicting modus operandi, there has been reduced acceptance of this platform in the healthcare sector.
There is as well the problem of disruption especially due to especially when a clinic hits its buffer zone for its subscribed data package whereby they…

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