Essay on The Canadian Magazine Dispute On Canadian Economy

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In the Canadian Magazine Dispute, it seems that there was less concern over preserving Canadian culture, per se, as there was over preserving Canadian economy. In our reading as well as in an additional article I found on the subject, there were no specific examples of what parts of the Canadian culture they were trying to preserve. Rather, there was quite a bit of discussion about extra taxes that would be levied on foreign magazines, and tax deductions for Canadian advertisers.
I believe that it is only natural that the Canadian magazine publishers would demand that their government protect their financial interests against foreign publishers so, indeed, there was a lot of pressure. After Canadians tried to put an 80% tax on ad revenues for split-run magazines in 1995, the United States took the battle to the World Trade Organization, who ruled the tax to be illegal in 1997. Shortly after that, in 1998, Canada tried to completely ban the sales of advertising in split-run magazines, thereby showing how far they were willing to push foreign publishers in defense of the Canadian publishers. This idea was short – lived however, due to the United States decision to threaten trade sanctions of all Canadian steel, textiles, and plastics if the ban were to continue.
With Canadian magazines representing only 11% of magazines sold in Canada, it could be argued that there were better sectors in which to preserve Canadian culture. Books, the fine and performing arts, as well as sports…

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