The Canadian Magazine Dispute Analysis Essay

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The Canadian Magazine Dispute
A few days ago, a rather incredulous announcement was published in the mass media. Roman coins, with the faded portrait of Constantine the Great, were discovered in the ruins of an ancient castle in Okinawa, Japan. (The Japan Times, 2016). It was a finding that bewildered even Japanese archeologists. (Jozuka, 2016) The amazement is justified. Not only are Constantinople and Okinawa separated by a fantastic distance, but at the time the Ryukyu islanders were quite isolated. Thus, no one is exactly sure how the coins found their way from Constantinople to Okinawa. Most likely, the coins came from China which traded extensively with the Roman empire through the Silk Road. (Ying)
This story is an early illustration of globalization pushing the culture of the dominant civilization to the furthest reaches of the planet. This has always been so. The cultural achievements of Italy, Spain, France, and England have successively dominated the world. In our age, the culture of the United States organically follows its projection of economic power. As governments and people rush to trade with the world’s superpower, learning the language, customs, laws, and culture of America is both required and inevitable. In a sense, “resistance is futile.”
The US people sometimes refer jokingly to Canada as the 51st state. To an extent, this seems justified as there are many similarities and bonds between Americans and Canadians. Yet, Canadians think themselves quite…

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