The Canadian Criminal Justice System Essay

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In every society around the world, the law is affecting everyone as it shapes the behavior and sense of right and wrong for every citizen in society. Laws are meant to control a society’s behavior by outlining the accepted forms of conduct. The law is designed as a neutral aspect existent to solve society’s problems, a system specially designed to provide people with peace and order. The legal system runs more efficiently when people understand the laws they are intended to follow along with their legal rights and responsibilities. Within the Canadian legal system, there is the Canadian criminal justice system, which is meant to guarantee the safety of citizens within the country and is used to sustain social control and deliver justice for a society.
In the year of 2011, the Conservative Party government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper introduced Bill C-10, titled The Safe Streets and Communities Act under the impression that Canada was experiencing a serious crime problem amongst a lenient criminal justice system (Bala 2015: 162). The bill was seen as the answer to this alleged problem, as it embodies the get tough on crime agenda. Bill C-10 is an “omnibus” bill as it includes nine individual bills that were introduced into parliament in the previous years. The Safe Streets and Communities Act is targeting drug trafficking, sex crimes with the introduction of mandatory minimum jail sentences and youth offenders through harsher sentencing. Drug offences are down 6% and…

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