Essay on The Campbell Soup Recipe As Consumer Taste Change

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Campbell rethinks its soup recipe as consumer taste change

The Campbell Soup Company is an American producer of canned soups that distributes its products in 120 countries around the world. The central issue that Campbell’s Soup has historically encountered is the ever-changing trends in food and consumer demand. Economic development and population growth are the driving factor when it comes to increases in overall food consumption, while a growing middle class is also demanding better quality and more variety. Dependent on the specific case, this can be either good or bad for a company, and unfortunately for Campbell’s, this proved to be a detriment for the multimillion-dollar company, evident by the gradual decline in unit sales. We live in a world where change is inevitable, and arguably in a state of rapid acceleration. Global megatrends, such as population growth and climate change to name a couple, are colliding together and causing major impacts on the food we produce. It’s a world without borders; where a threat anywhere can immediately have significant consequences for a plethora companies across different sectors and in different markets. Food risks are increasing and public trust in manufactures is getting difficult to establish, let alone maintain. The heightened sensitivity to many of the same food concerns we have seen throughout history means that all food companies must be more alert and vigilant in everyday operations. Staying on top of supply chain…

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