Essay on The Business Of Music, A Young Blogger

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In this highly controversial topic of the business of music, a young blogger by the name of Emily White gave her opinion to the music community on the purchasing of music in her blog post on National Public Radio (NPR) titled “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With”. Two days later, a blogger by the name of David Lowery posted his own blog on the Internet titled “Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered” in which Lowery spat out loads of information, statistics, facts, and arguments to counter White’s original post on NPR. Lowery claims his intent is not embarrass or shame White, but asked to have the opportunity to present a countervailing viewpoint. (Lowery 1) Lowery’s post went viral immediately, with an uproar of people commenting their own opinions to Lowery as well, but were Lowery’s claims towards White actually effective? In this letter to Emily White, David Lowery effectively proves that consumers do not fully understand the consequences that come from illegally obtaining their music, and the negative effects it has on the artists. Towards the beginning of White’s blog, she wrote “I’ve only bought 15 CDs in my lifetime. Yet, my entire iTunes library exceeds 11,000 songs.” (White 1) She then proceeds to write about how she has never supported physical music as a consumer, and that she’s never invested money in them aside from concert tickets and T-shirts. Then she mentions that she didn’t illegally download most of those songs. Rather, she acquired her songs…

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