The Bureaucracy Of A Bureaucratic Organization Structure Essay

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Bureaucracies in America
Major companies such as General Motors, Amazon, and Facebook possess the formal framework of a bureaucracy. According to David Ingram of Demand Media, “Organizational structure provides a backbone upon which all of a company 's operational policies and work processes are built. Managerial reporting relationships and the flow of ideas, decisions and information are formally laid out by a company 's organizational structure” (Ingram, "What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bureaucratic Organization Structure?").
For businesses to be successful they must have a hierarchy of authority. There has to be a person in charge. For large bureaucracies there normally is an instrumental leader whose role is to focus on accomplishing goals that will enhance the revenue of the company. The CEO and Chairman of the Board of General Motors, Mary Barra has a certain duty to the company to enhance their product that will bring in the most amount of money. Barra recently shared her plan at the Milford Proving Ground, during a General Motors Conference hosted for investors and shareholders. Her goal is to “Strengthen its core business through global growth initiatives and an aggressive product launch cadence, while continuing to focus on driving cost efficiencies” (Henderson, “GM Outlines Plans to Capitalize on Future of Personal Mobility”). So in return the company will increase the earnings and generate a large amount of revenue for the shareholders. This is a…

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