Essay about The Bugis People Challenge Gender Norms

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Every culture has it’s own standards of what is socially accepted and what is not. They are gender variance in every culture. Customs and traditions differ around the world however, almost every culture shares the concept of gender and some cultures recognize that they are more than two genders. In Indonesia an Islamic society the Bugis people are the largest ethnic group. They have three concepts of sex which are male, female, Bissu (intersex ). In addition, they are five genders men, women, Calalbai (born biologically male identify as female identity), Calalai (born biologically female identify as male gender identity) and Bissu( they either identify with all genders or gender neutral). The Bugis people challenge gender norms. Sexuality plays a role in their gender identification. The Bugis community accepts with different gender identification in relation to their biological gender. I am very pleased that this culture this culture accepts this natural phenomena.
Perhaps, western society could benefit from considering and adopting this gender system. It would encourage freedom of gender expression. It’s shameful that western society is not the most enlightened and evolved culture when it comes to the topic gender. The Bugis people challenge the idea of sexuality and spirituality. According to, the video Five Genders the Bugis culture accepts all five gender. Additionally, all five genders must co exist for in order for there to be harmony. According, to the Priest…

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