Essay about The Budget Cuts And Funding

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Texas manages to simultaneously rank among the best and worst in the nation when it comes to education, but only because it excels in some fields and fails in others. An unfortunate side effect of this is that some political leaders in Texas think that budget cuts and funding in regards to education can be used to manipulate their power and political campaigns in order to forward their agenda. Education is a window to future careers; children and young adults should have access to educational services and/or financial aid no matter what income threshold their families come from.

According to the tape "House Support for Senate Budget Unlikely" funding for schools were the center of contention between the two houses because the House wants to cut the funding from $187.5 billion to $164.5 billion and the Senate Finance Committee only wants to cut it to $176.5 billion and for general revenue the current is $82.1 billion and House wants to that spending to decline to $77.6 billion while the Senate Finance Committee wants to spend $80.7 billion. The Senate doesn 't want to close schools or nursing homes while the House seems to have no problem in doing so which affects education and the elderly greatly.

The House will not want to spend the rainy day budget to make ends meet which is why they may choose the option of closing schools and nursing homes to cut down on government spending. While this will help them with their budget it doesn 't help normal citizens at all as…

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