The British East India Company Essay

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Throughout history, numerous events have had significant effects on empires, however, the three that stand out most are; The British East India Company which extended the British Empire to India, The Seven Years War which brought numerous changes to Europe’s colonial empires including Britain acquiring a great part of new France and lastly; the American Revolutionary War which give birth to one of the greatest empire nations to date. It is therefore, plausible to say that had it not been for these three key events, society along with its empires, would not be as advanced in both its social and political aspects. The British East India Company was the pinnacle for this.

Founded by a royal charter, in the seventeenth century, the British East India Company was an organization crucial to Britain’s empire and the nations industrial development. With its influence looming in every corner of commercial and political life in Britain, the East India Company morphed into the most powerful commercial operation in the world, even backed by a large army. At its peak, the Company’s empire of trade extended from Britain across the Atlantic and over Cape Town to the Persian Gulf and onto India. Trading posts were set up at Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean with shops also settled at Basra and Bandar Abbas in the Middle East. However, it was in India that the Company’s influences were most profound. Some of India’s capital cities only flourished due to the Company’s business…

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