The Brink Of The Extinction Of America 's Civility And Inclusion

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The Brink of the Extinction of America’s Civility and Inclusion

On November 9th of 2016, Americans awoke with a wide range of emotions from glee to trepidation after the astonishing victory of the new President-elect, but the usual cloud of optimism cultivated 8 years ago is now shrouded in concern that the foundation of this nation is dismantling at its tattered seams. It is not surprising how the decisive rhetoric used by both of the country’s major political parties has dredged up the sentiment of historical times along with a fascination of the world of politics into the everyday life of each American. Unfortunately, in the midst of this election, many lost the true meaning of being an American with liberties that dwell in comparison with most of the modern world and the continuing fight for freedom, prosperity, and the neutrality to an ideology of bias towards anything different from one’s self.
The following weeks of realization of who the new Commander in Chief will be on January 20th of 2017, saw multiple protests across the country, amplified comfort of initiating hate crimes, and the emergence of evidence that solidified Russian hacking of the election to the favor of Donald J. Trump. It has been a whirlwind of fighting on the social scale that many have not seen since Civil Rights Movement, with a certain segment of the population calling themselves White Nationalists to Alt Right believers throwing racial epithets, bigoted statements, religious intolerance,…

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