' The Blame Game? Are School Problems The Kids Fault?

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How American schools are failing the Nonconforming student in the system: Bullying isn’t Just about the Students.
Hypocrisy. Bullying. You can look it up in any American school dictionary to find the definitions. It would serve the schools well to heed their own advice in terms of picking on those who are not as big or as strong as themselves. Nearly every American school vying for state and Federal funding needs an edge in attendance and testing, therefore the schools can ill-afford to be sidetracked by pouring resources such as valuable teachers, money, and psychologists into special needs children’s education. Not the children who do not want to be in school, and simply put in time until they graduate or biding time until they can meet
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The answer, of course, is who you ask. Because the Education system is so vast and powerful, they have the biggest megaphone in the argument. So, they will blame the parents and the child, naturally. According to “The Blame Game! Are School Problems the Kids Fault?”, Dr. Galen Alessi, Professor of Psychology at Western Michigan University conducted an eye-opening study on school psychologists. Dr. Alessi’s study illustrates why so many parents run into” brick walls” when dealing with schools. According to Dr. Alessi, when a child has a problem learning or behaving at school, the roots can be traced to one or more of five …show more content…
Aleesi then conducted an informal survey of 5000 school psychologists from throughout different regions of the country, when asked if the special needs child’s problems were the due to the curriculum, the answer was unanimous in voice with not only curriculum, but teaching practices and school administrators. According to the school psychologists surveyed, the school is exemplary in their dealings with students. What they do say the problems are the parents and the children. Dr. Alessi also pointed out that in Graduate school programs and workshops, including textbooks, are focused on the child’s problems, and how the child is disruptive. The danger in this is, parents trust the psychologists in the school system, just to be betrayed in the

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