Essay about The Break Up - Movie Interpersonal Communication

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Final Paper: Convince Me!/The Break-Up
(This document is 2 pages long. Please review both pages)
For your final paper, you must convince me that you learned in this class. How? Keep reading….
Watch the film, “The Break-Up” (starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston). This film displays every concept we have learned about:
The Communication Process, Conflict, Nonverbal Communication, Verbal Communication, Perception and more.
You may rent this if you like. But, you may view the film for free on the NCC Library Database, “Swank Films”. Here is the link: How should I approach this paper?
Good question! Here’s my suggestion. Browse through the
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(You will receive extra credit based on the grading rubric for using credible outside sources that are related to theory/academic content (i.e.: conflict management terms, Relationship theories, etc.)
Please use MLA format to cite your sources (both in-text/parenthetical citations and a formal bibliography/works cited page at the end of the paper).
The paper is to be 3 ½ - 4 ½ pages in length (not counting the bibliography), using 12 point font. Please – No more or no less than this.
Proofread for grammar/spelling

Selection of theories you can use to apply to this movie (If there are others we have covered that are not listed here, please discuss with me):

The Communication Process – Bring through the steps and describe where it worked/broke down
The Active Listening Process - Bring through the steps and describe where it worked/broke down
The Five Types of Listening (Use one or more of these to describe poor listening and how the characters could/should have corrected these poor behaviors to listen more effectively)
The Five Types of Conflict and Conflict Management Styles (There are several types of conflicts displayed in this film. In some scenes, a conflict begins as one type and escalates/evolves into another. Describe the type of conflict(s) identified and the ways they chose to manage these conflicts (using the management styles described in the notes/text)
Verbal Communication – Denotation and

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