The Brady Bill: The Need For Gun Control

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Furthermore, an even more critical deficiency of the Brady Bill is that it simply involves officially authorized retail sales. However, criminals develop various methods in obtaining weapons short of going through the procedure delegated by the Brady Bill, which declares that anyone desiring to obtain a firearm be required to wait five days for a background check to be concluded. By signifying through definition, a criminal is someone who breaks the law. Two obvious examples are theft and black market purchases. Subsequently, the since the ratification of the Brady Bill, a small number of offenders have been caught trying to acquire a firearm. The Brady Bill is not valuable in battling crime, but it does involve vindicating crime victims. Our findings indicate that stricter gun ownership laws in states with the lowest standards would have made firearm possession illegal for many who used a gun to commit a crime (Vittes, Vernick, Webster 30). Throughout the course of the five-day waiting period law enforcement officials perform, the background check is moreover operates as a “cooling off” period to avert crimes of passion. Fortunately, in several states they waive the five-day waiting period, providing they are among those engaging in an instant background check system. The legislation imposed a 5-day waiting period on buyers of handguns nationwide and required local …show more content…
The first step in the practice is that the individual needing a gun goes to a firearms store to purchase a gun. Subsequently, the requirement is to wait one to two weeks while the administration completes a background check for former criminal behaviors, disorderly conduct, or absence of mental or emotional instability. In the course of this period, if the consumer wanted the gun for an immediate crime, it is anticipated that they would not still intend to initiate bodily harm or other crime following the time of postponement.

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