Essay The Boy Who Decides Not Be A Princess For Halloween

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The Boy who wants to be a princess for Halloween.

A little boy wants to be a princess for Halloween, and then a little girl wants to be Spiderman. Onlookers speak up but tend to side with the mom who does not want her son to be a princess or "Bell" for Halloween. The little girl who wants to wear the Spiderman costume her mother is also supported by some of the onlookers. The mom tells the boy he needs to find a boy costume and several onlooking children tell him that 's for little girls. The mothers in this clip have obvious issues with gender roles. When the strong woman intervenes near the end of the clip I was internally cheering for both her and the little girl wanting to be Spiderman
This scenario is a realistic one that I have witnessed with my grandsons. I have a grandson born less than a year after his sister. Whatever his big sister did he wanted to do. this included painting nails, wearing pretend makeup, and playing with dolls. His father had major issues with him doing these things. My opinion is to let the child be who they feel they are, not who the parent wants him or her to be. In many cases obviously the parent is projecting their personal fears and biases onto their child. I feel when a child is witness to a parent becoming that uptight and rigid in their gender beliefs, it imprints a negativity into the child 's opinion of their identity and self-worth. The child 's behavior is not deviant, however the parent having an obvious meltdown and…

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