Essay about The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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The story that impacted my childhood the most would have to be “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. In this story, a boy, who was occasionally put in charge of protecting the sheep herd, lived in a small village and kept screaming wolf which alerted the town, and sent everyone running outside to frighten the wolf and protect the sheep. After repeated false alarms made by the child the town stopped believing him, and then one dreadful day a wolf arrived and the boy, screaming for help, watched the sheep lose their lives because the town no longer believed him. This story taught me if you lie habitually to people then your creditability is all but shattered.
As an adult, I still adhere to the belief that it’s inappropriate to lie to one another, and telling the truth is always the best course of action. I believe “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and stories like it are told to us as children that way by the time we reach adulthood these types of immaturity would be surpassed. I can’t say whether or not these stories actually work for everyone, but I did understand early on as a child that lying led to negative consequences for me. However, our text clearly states that our elders use stories to pass on knowledge and good morals to the young people of their groups.

Once upon a time in a far off country, there lived a little boy who attended the market to sneak and steal loaves of bread from vendors. This boy was able to steal many loaves of bread, and in fact he stole so many that he…

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