The Boundaries Of Immigration During The United States Essay

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The Boundaries of Immigration Is it necessary to build a wall along the US-Mexican border? The wall might keep few individuals away from the United States, but is it enough to stop illegal migration? Recently, immigration has been the main issue in the American political election. “From the U.S. perspective, it is contiguous section of the continent acquired by the United States, beginning with Louisiana Purchase in 1803; continuing with the acquisition of Texas, the Oregon Territory, and the Mexican cession of 1848; and ending with the 1853 Gadsen Purchase of the lands between the Gila River and the present Mexican boundary” (Lorey 6). Due to the purchases made throughout the American history, the bordered has expanded and is now called the region of Mexamerica. As time goes by, the wall has been made and rebuilt to make a stronger defense against terrorism. Although some would say the border should be blocked, others claim that building the wall is an insufficient strategy for national security, economic stabilization, and international relations.
Some of the candidates from the 2016 election oppose the idea of upgrading the wall. Gary Johnson understands that a bigger fence might encourage others to build taller ladders and deeper tunnels (Beard 2). The flow of illegal immigrants across the border is not because of the unsecured premises, but because of some migrants have alternative ways to enter the country besides crossing by land; many cross by boats and airplanes.…

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