Border Vs. Legalization: Hiring Illegal Immigrants

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Border v. Legalization

Introduction to the Research Question / Statement of the Research Question
Immigration is a progressing issue in America with over 42.4 million immigrants in the United States out of a population of 318.9 million people, according to the ACS, and still growing as years pass by. In order, to come to the U.S. legally by applying for citizenship, it roughly costs $680, which goes to citizenship application fees and a background check; however, this does not guarantee a person’s citizenship. On the other hand, we have the wall that most Republicans want to build and according to Trump, “The wall will only cost 8 billion dollars for 1,000 miles.” Then the following week he came out saying that it would “actually cost $12
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citizens. In this journal, “Unskilled Workers Lose Out to Immigrant”, focuses on how and why U.S. citizens lose out on jobs and are given to illegal immigrants. It is important to note that U.S employers hire illegal immigrants and pay them at a lower rate, even though this act is illegal. However, some employers look pass this and move forward with hiring illegal immigrants. Hiring illegal immigrants for jobs that many U.S. citizens do not want helps our economy with more work production leading to a better outcome. A few jobs that illegal immigrants help with are as follows: construction worker, agricultural harvesting, or even service professions such as maintenance jobs. These jobs are not wanted by most people however; people need to feel the spots and employers look for illegal immigrants to take these positions and pay them under the table which benefits both parties. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 58 million U.S. born citizens between the ages of 16-65 that are not working. Either because they are unemployed, or out of the labor market entirely. As of November, of 2014, as estimate of 1.5 million fewer native-born Americans are working now that in 2007, however 2 million more immigrants are working (Camarota 2015). However, this mostly affected people who are less educated and who are competing with immigrants. In this scenario immigrants taking jobs in the U.S. is both beneficial yet a convenience to some. Immigrants take the jobs that many people do not want but as they start gaining education they start to compete with U.S. citizens. However, it is important to realize that illegal immigrants are working for their families as well and it is better that they are helping our economy than causing crime which leads me to my next

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