The Dangers Of Illegal Immigration In The United States

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Determined to join the American lifestyle, thousands of immigrants have journeyed to the United States to have a life based on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (CITE). The United States of America was founded on immigration from those who migrated from other countries, most prevalently in Europe. This pattern of immigration still takes place today. However, with a greater amount of foreigners wanting to take part in achieving the American Dream, the rules and regulations have become more intense throughout generations. As a direct result of this, our country has brought in a surplus of illegal immigrants who disregard the policies that the United States has laid out for them by sneaking through the “back door” that our nation 's border has provided (Cite). Unfortunately, the United States Government has not yet become capable of fully …show more content…
The United States borders extend over thousands of miles, so the government does not have the ability to completely watch and secure this massive border. This is what leads to a large number of illegal immigrants taking an advantage of the insecure border without being detected. This hinders the safety of our citizens because not just illegal immigrants can cross our border, but criminals and terrorists can also come across virtually unseen. The motive of the individuals crossing is not known initially and they could be anything from killers to drug dealers to terrorists. Terrorism threats have been a concern of the United States, especially following 9/11. Since the government cannot completely control illegal immigration over the border, the security of legal citizens is at risk. All things considered, with the Government being unable to control and completely carry out the laws of immigration, potential criminals can continue to barge into the nation and further jeopardize the lives of U.S.

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