The Boundaries Between Drug Users And Drug Dealers Essay

3276 Words Dec 9th, 2014 14 Pages
Critically explore the boundaries between drug users and drug dealers in the UK cannabis market.
This essay will look at the boundaries and relationships between cannabis users and the cannabis dealers within the UK. Firstly examining the legislation and the current policies that have been implemented to try and deal with the medical, physiological problems with cannabis. Secondly linking the legalisation and policies upon cannabis that have already been implemented throughout the United Kingdom, also looking to explore the medical experts and policy makers reasons for not changing the class category of cannabis. Many other countries throughout the world have different policies and legislation to deal with cannabis users and dealers. For example a few countries within Europe have looked at legalising cannabis or decriminalizing the personnel use of cannabis. Uruguay is the first country to consider legalizing cannabis use, along with other European countries such as Holland, allowing cannabis to be sold within coffee shops in Amsterdam. Although this may seem like a slight breakthrough in the world cannabis market; there is still a long way to go. Moving from critically analysing both the UK and the European policies based upon cannabis to looking at the issues of consumption of legal highs. The last section of this essay will look to explore the positive aspects of different cannabis policies throughout the world, along with criticising others. Overall it will look to…

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