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just beginning their career for The Washington Post. Through the use of good reporting, investigating skills, and with the help of a secret source known at the time as “Deep throat,” Bernstein and Woodward we’re able to unravel the biggest presidential scandal in the history of the United States, The Richard Nixon Watergate scandal. Without the investigation of Bernstein and Woodward, The Watergate Scandal may have never been brought to light. The book chronicles everything from when Bernstein

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He obtained information regarding $89,000 worth of checks that were deposited into Barker’s account, some of the money coming from Kenneth Dahlberg, a midwest campaign head for president Nixon (Bernstein, 51). Dahlberg claimed the money was raised to fund Nixon’s campaign, but this raised a whole new series of questions for Bernstein.
The two later realized that the scandal involved Maurice Stans, who served as the financial chairman for the Committee to Re-elect the President. They knew this because of an anonymous figure who aided Bernstein and Woodward, who the two referred to in The Washington Post as “Deep Throat.” He told the two of them that money from Stan’s slush fund was used to pay the Watergate burglars (Bernstein, 73). He also told them that several assistants of John Mitchell, United States Attorney General under President Nixon, controlled the slush fund. “Deep Throat” also told them that G. Gordan Liddy, who was an executive on the Committee to Re-Elect the President, received money from the slush fund. As Bernsetin and Woodward began writing stories with this information included in it, the White House started getting angry at the two of them, stating that they had no confirmed sources for their information (Bernstein, 103).This did not stop the two of them, however, as they kept digging deeper and deeper into the scandal.
As the story continues, Woodward and Bernstein, with the help of “Deep Throat,” continue
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