The Books Maus I And Cat Game Of Historical Holocaust Essay

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The books Maus I and Maus II are graphic biographical memoir of the life of Artie Spiegelman father Vladek Spiegelman, and his mother Anja Spiegelman. Artie, who authored the oral history memoir, is a child of the two Polish Jews who survived the mouse and cat game of historical genocide Holocaust, which was a systemic persecution and coordinated murder of millions of Jews and other targeted groups by Nazis regime (Maus II, 45). The father experience of Auschwitz is the other focus of the story (45). Spiegelman’ mother, Anja committed suicide in 1968, whereupon his father, Vladek Spiegelman burned Anja’ diaries. The author uses the work to uncover the view of the Holocaust and how such event changed individuals’ experiences and societal effects as a whole. The use of symbolism to portray different human race is shown throughout the book, where Poles as pigs, Jews as mice and Germans are depicted as cats. In the book, there is an interview section, in which Spiegelman interviews his father and Holocaust survival as his past (51). For the point of entertainment, humor and irony is seen to make the story graphics story interesting and relieves some negativity of the topic. The two graphic novels seem to differ in some ways and I will explore the characters, themes, settings, the relevance, social l issues and other subtopics.
It is not easy to tell exactly when major historical events begin in these books, since it is presented as an oral history of one aspect of World War II.…

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